Pieces Of Me

Welcome to Pieces Of Me, this will be a page where I’ll share with you some of the daily trials and tribulations of being a writer, parent, wannabe athlete, food and wine lover, dreamer, and woman with too many goals to count.  I worry there’s not enough time for everything. But there is, just not all at once. 

26 March 2017

Five months later.

Gosh, I’ve been so inconsistent the past few months.

I’m still working on finishing book 4 in the Lexi Ryder Crime Thriller Series. It’s a combination of procrastination and fear. I’ll get there, it’s just taking a little bit longer than planned.

Consistency is key to getting things done. It’s not doing it all at once but taking baby steps every day to reach the destination, a goal, an objective.


18 October 2016

I set a challenge to write five days a week Monday to Friday for the month of October. But within a week I realised that wasn’t going to happen. It’s unrealistic with my schedule and what I’m trying to achieve.

Sometimes you have to step back and be honest with yourself.

My focus is writing books. That’s what I enjoy most. I’m pleased to say that I’ve just surpassed 10,000 words of a new series which I’m writing in the mornings. The evenings are for editing book 4 in the Lethal series.

8 October 2016

Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? Or when you’re caught up with family, work, play, and the hundred and one other things that are waiting patiently to be ticked off your never-ending ‘to-do’ list.

The past two and a half months have seen me procrastinate like crazy. I feel like I’m standing in front of a massive brick wall that I can’t reach over no matter how high I try to jump and there’s no ladder or bulldozer in sight. 

I’m stuck on book 4 in the Lexi Ryder Crime Thriller Series. I had it finished and then during the editing stage I felt paralysed with fear and indecision. It just wasn’t good enough to continue with. I’m afraid I may need to rewrite the entire thing. 

At the same time there is another series brewing at the back of my mind trying to jump onto the page. I’ve allowed it a little. The first book is more or less outlined. It’ll be an action-packed thriller. 

Then there’s the urban fantasy that’s also grabbed hold of my attention and is pulling me in a different direction. It could be fun writing. 

26 July 2016

Why did I become a writer? My mind is constantly switched on, dreaming of ideas, opportunities and possibilities. It does not rest, even in sleep. It’s so difficult to just switch off. Only yesterday, I spent the train ride to work (75 mins) outlining the bones of the first book in a new series I want to start writing. The idea has been percolating in the back of my mind for some time now, I’ve let it sit there, steaming away waiting for the right moment – like when I finish the Lexi Ryder Crime Thriller series, but it’s time. It’s time for the new one to start forming on the page. I can’t wait to start researching and writing.

My son has had an ear infection this week, I swear ever since he started kindy last January he’s been coming home with some form of affliction every couple of weeks. From the regular cold and flu, snotty noses to rashes, hand foot & mouth, and now this middle ear infection. I’ve been told I have at least twelve months before his immunity improves and the illnesses subside. It’s amazing though how well kids handle these little hiccups in their health, most of the time he’s still happy to run around and go crazy. If I were in his position all I’d want to do is be curled up in bed with a trashy tv show to keep me company in between naps.